ACS712 Current Sensor Module with 5A 20A 30A analogue sensing range for Arduino

Reference: 391791347945

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  • Current sensor module based on the ACS712 chip. The ACS712 outputs an analog voltage output signal that varies linearly with sensed current. A choice of current sensing range, 5A, 20A and 30A.

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More info

  • Low noise analog signal path
  • 5 microsecond output rise time in response to input current
  • 80kHz bandwidth
  • 1.5% output error at 25 degrees C
  • 5.0 VDC, single supply operation
  • 185 mV/A output sensitivity
  • Output voltage proportional to AC or DC currents
  • Factory-trimmed for accuracy
  • Extremely stable output offset voltage
  • Nearly zero magnetic hysteresis
  • Specification
  • Output signal type : Analog
  • Power : 5V
  • Current rating : 5A, 20A and 30A
  • 5A, 20A or 30A current sensing module based on selection
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